Michael Mullan at The New College Of Florida

Watch Michael Mullan Speaking at The New College Of Florida :


10 responses to “Michael Mullan at The New College Of Florida

  1. Very informative talk. This sort of information is priceless for one’s health.

  2. Some good information here. I really hope to someday be rid of this horrible disease.

  3. Connie Mastroianni

    good information, but i would want a more detailed description of the disease in text on the top of page. the video is good. I hope one day that Alzheimer’s disease will be cured.

  4. Excited to have him here at the college. The future is bright!

  5. This is quite informational and is very helpful to know about what the disease is and what ways can be cured. It does serves as a purpose that some diseases can be cured in a way that lots of researches has to be done and acquired. Good healthy is the key to survive.

  6. sasha gaylord

    Thanks for the info never hurts to learn about this kinf of stuff maybe one day a cure will be found

  7. Very informative. Thanks for presenting this info in an easily digestible format. Too much jargon makes this sort of info hard to understand. I understand so much more about the brain and how it works now.

  8. Shasta McAnally Martin

    I watched my great grandmother suffer with this disease & I hope that someday there will be a cure. This video has a lot of information in it but it needs a better text description on it.

  9. Vincent Agosta

    Good information about Alzheimer’s disease that we should all know about. This disease is very deadly and effects the elderly. I feel bad for those who have this.

  10. This is a great article! Very informative and interesting! People need to inform themselves on such matters awareness and knowledge is the key. I agree with Hannah this information is truly priceless!

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