Less Sugar in Your Diet may Save You from Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementia May be Preventable

Sugar Dementia

According to health surveys such as the one reported recently in the Daily Mail Online, an electronic media coming out of the UK, the likelihood of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s rates higher on the fear factor than of developing cancer. Community-wide concern appears to be fueled by the seeming fact that in spite of the tremendous amount of research conducted so far, there is not very much available to treat these diseases. There are drug therapies to help lessen the symptoms and in some cases, to slow down the progression of the disease, but nothing to fully treat it, such as exists for cancers.

The Daily Mail Online article defines dementia as a condition that begins, usually, after the age of 65 impacting roughly one in every six persons over the age of 80. Symptoms include confusion, difficulty putting together thoughts, and memory loss. Altogether, there are in excess of 100 of these dementia, with Alzheimer’s being the most well-known.

The causes of dementia are varied, but Alzheimer’s research demonstrates a definite correlation between the disease and the presence of an over-abundance of amyloid and tau, two deviant proteins which damage the connections between brain cells.

Too much sugar and body fat can place you at a higher risk for dementia
Another common form of dementia is called vascular dementia. In these cases, blood flow is diminished resulting in less blood flowing to the brain cells which in turn results in brain cell death. Blood vessels can become restricted due to stroke or from health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes. Some people will develop a combination of Alzheimer’s and dementia, each one stemming from a different cause. Nevertheless, research has proven that certain proactive steps, such as changing diet and lifestyle, can prevent or at least significantly delay onset of the disease.

For instance, excessive body fat has been linked to dementia. Too much fat tissue in the body causes the release of hormones that destroy brain cells. Too much fat tissue also causes blocked arteries, high blood pressure and cholesterol, known factors in the onset of vascular dementia. Therefore, individuals who maintain a diet high in sugar are not only placing themselves at risk for developing diabetes or obesity, but also for vascular dementia. Scientists have also discovered that blood sugar levels play a role in the signaling process between brain cells, meaning that a high sugar diet places one at risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Diabetes results in damage to the blood vessels, particularly the smaller vessels in the brain, thus impeding cell functioning.

Dementia are not unavoidable

Last March, World Dementia Council head Dr. Dennis Gillings, said that he believes that within five years we will have new treatments for Alzheimer’s and other dementia, even the possibility of halting progression and reversing the damage. In the meantime, Dr. Naji Tabet, a senior lecturer at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and one of the foremost specialists in dementia, told Daily Mail Online that even for those whose family history would indicate they are more likely to develop dementia, there is hope to prevent its onset or significantly delay it, simply by making crucial lifestyle changes such as reducing sugar, maintaining a healthy blood pressure, keeping the body fat index as low as possible, lowering stress and exercising the brain. Dr. Tabet added that what is inevitable is that our brains shrink as we age, and the connections between brain cells become weakened, but if we make these simple lifestyle changes early in life, we can build up a reserve of strength upon which to draw down as aging begins.


31 responses to “Less Sugar in Your Diet may Save You from Dementia

  1. Wow, I had not heard about blood sugar levels affecting likelihood of dementia. I will try to keep this in mind and eat healthier.

  2. Thank you for bringing this together. This will be useful for me, as my grandmother has been showing some initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

  3. Thank you for bringig this together. This will be useful for me, as my grandmother has been showing some initial stage of alzheimer’s.

  4. Less sugar in your diet is something everyone needs to try! Great article!

  5. I just cut all soda out of my diet, great to hear this! As if there wasn’t enough reason to cut the sugar, here is another one.

  6. This is an invaluable article which could possibly spare one from the terrible condition that is dementia.

  7. Maria Angelica

    Thanks for this article. I will remember all of the things that you wrote as I myself is experiencing slight Alzheimer’s or forgetfulness even if I am on my mid-40s. And it’s so hard to experience such thing.

  8. OMG!!!!! That are real good and relevant information. Some are so important and logical for me. I took advice from this and I recommended this article to many of my friends. I achieved many information about Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks for the article.

  9. Hmm, I didn’t know that sugar was able to affect dementia at all.

  10. It’s very interesting as I have never heard that excessive sugar may cause dementia. It’s not improbable though as everybody knows two white poisons: Sugar and Salt!

  11. It’s very interesting. This will be useful for me. I just cut all soda out of my diet, great to hear this. Thanks for share this article.

  12. This article is personal for me, since my grandmother has Alzheimer’s.Any new information is always welcome

  13. Vincent Agosta

    cutting out Sugar is good not only for eliminating Dementia, but Sugar also causes Diabetes and Cancer, like Soda does. Very useful information, and helpful to ones health.

  14. i never knew these white poisions and its effect in long term.this is so much helpful for all people who are health consious and should be widely spread.looking forward for more informative article.

  15. This is some very promising information. Especially for me as I don’t eat very much sugar at all. Hoping the info is right!

  16. It’s important to think about prevention. Great article with a good message!

  17. Christian Boyle

    Wow! I had no idea sugar could affect any mental illness. Great article!

  18. Christian Boyle

    Wow! Great article, I had no idea sugar affected mental illness at all! I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind.

  19. Thanks goodness I’m not a sweet-type of person. I do enjoy sugar but I tend to stay away from anything that has too much sweetness to it. It’s just bad for overall health and not just that whenever I consumed something that has so much sugar, my throat feels weird and kind of scratchy. I really liked this post so far, : )

  20. I know from this article that by taking less sugar in our diet helps us to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other Dementia.This is a good message to everyone.Thanks a lot!!

  21. This is a very interesting and valid article. I believe that us as human beings need to take more pride and responsibility in our diet. Sugar consumption is something that can be prevented and can eventually help prevent diseases such as cancer and dementia.

  22. George Simpson

    Excessive sugar is always a cause for variety of problems as well as diseases. With this information people could actually be able to understand the harmful effects of excess sugar in their diet.

  23. Connie Mastroianni

    important article on how to reduce sugar. Not only do I believe you can get rid of Dementia, but also diabetes and even some more bad health problems that can come into your pancreas with too much sugar in your blood.

  24. Very important read. I have always been intrested in the role that diet plays in preventing alzheimer’s.

  25. I knew sugar was bad for you, but I had no idea it was linked to dementia. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading this it’s well written and easy to read.

  26. I am a Lcsw and I often deal with dementia patients. It does not surprise me to read this article. It seems to me that the people that a controlled diet and eat healthy have less chance of developing dementia. Great article.

  27. That is good information. I didn’t realize that sugar played a role in people getting Dementia. If people read these articles they can learn how to be healthier in mind and body. They may even be able to prevent it. This is good news. People need to eat less sugar anyway for other health reasons.

  28. What a very nice article. This is something i just start considering, as with my boding aging i can hopefully help minimize the chances

  29. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article. Dementia is increasing day by day and it has become major problem of many people and also even country. Even though scientist are not able to discover its drugs for cure, it is great to know that sugar can decrease it.

  30. oh! It is nice to see that within five years we should have a way to reverse the damage caused by dementia!!

  31. never heard of such weird idea but Hope so it helps to cure the diseases like Alzheimer’s and other Dementia just by eating sugar…

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