A Journey Through the Effects of Alzheimer’s on the Brain Part 1

Michael Mullan presents a short introduction to the brain :

1. Three pounds of power

The human brain weighs 3 pounds, however it’s the body’s most potent organ. The brain closely resembles jelly to touch.

There are three main sections:

The Cerebrum: This occupies most of the skull and is responsible for memory, problem solving, feeling, thinking and movement.
The Cerebellum: Located at the rear of the skull and beneath the cerebrum, the cerebellum handles balance and your coordination.
The Brain Stem: Is also under the cerebrum but in front of the cerebellum. It is connected with the spinal cord and is in control of your automated functions including breathing, food digestion, blood pressure and heart rate.

2.The supply line

To feed your brain the body nourishes it with networks or rich blood vessels.
Every heartbeat sends arteries with approximately one quarter of your blood up to the brain. Here 20% of the fuel and oxygen carried in the blood

The Brain- Michael Mullan

is consumed by billions of cells.
If you’re deep in thought, you could be using up to one half of the oxygen and fuel.

The vessel network consists of capillaries and veins as well as arteries.

3. The cortex: The thinking layer

The wrinkled outside layer of your brain is called the cortex and it serves some very special functions. By mapping the cortex, scientists have been able to link specific functions to certain areas of the cortex.

These include:

Interpreting sensations in the body, sounds, sights and smells.
Creating thought, solving problems and making plans.
Controlling voluntary movement.

4. Left brain and right brain

Most people are aware that the brain has left and right sides, however experts are still not exactly sure how the left and right brains differ in their functions, with these exceptions:

The left side handles movement on the opposite right side of the body
The right side conversely controls movement on the left of the body

Brain Strength-Micheal Mullan

Generally language is processed on the left

5. Neuron Forests

The true activity in your brain occurs within individual cells. The adult brain has 100 billion nerve cells, called neurons, which connect to 100 trillion other points. This incredibly dense network is called a “neuron forest”.

Thoughts, memories and feelings are a result of a signal that travels through the neuron forest.
Alzheimer’s disease is responsible for destroying neurons.


38 responses to “A Journey Through the Effects of Alzheimer’s on the Brain Part 1

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  2. Great run-through of the major aspects of the brain. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease and people should know more about it. I’ll be waiting for Part 2.

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  16. Bernice Templeman

    This is a good part 1 introduction. Understanding the parts of the brain, nourishment, how functions are linked to the brain and neuron forests are important to the effects of Alzheimer’s.

  17. The human brain is very sensitive and keeping it very safe is the most important activity. The brain determines many activities such as the five senses. Keep it safe and you won’t have much problems to worry about!

    -Salam Khan

  18. Aishwarya Bandiatmakur

    It has been a very enlightening article. Now I am quite aware of the adverse effects Alzheimers that can be caused on human brain. Thanks for sharing such a useful and information on blog


  20. My friend’s father has alzheimers and it is important we understand the workings of the brain more everyday. I appreciate the effort and the recognition you are giving to help us know more about this terrible disease.

  21. Very informative information for those whose loved ones have Alzheimer’s.

  22. Informative information for those whose loved ones have Alzheimer’s.

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  25. Connie Mastroianni

    important article about alzheimer’s disease. Anyone who has a family member or has this disorder should read this article and share it with his or her doctor.

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  33. Dementia is a horrible disease for the patient and the families. The brain is a very complicated organ and the more that can be understood about it’s processes the more treatments that will be available for brain diseases.

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  36. My late grandmother had Alzheimers. It is interesting to know what she went through.

  37. Such a sad, disease – I’m so glad we’re getting more and more knowledgeable about it – pray we’ll be able to eliminate it, one day.

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